Top decision medina in Medina

Beautiful medina you must visit

This rambling labyrinth of old boulevards and rear entryways is one of the most amazing medieval medinas in North Africa and one of Tunisia’s incredible fortunes. It’s home to various secured souqs selling everything from shoes to shisha funnels, just as clamoring bistros, back boulevards loaded with craftsmen at work and neighborhoods punctuated by fabulous, brilliantly painted entryways. Noteworthy royal residences, hammams, mosques, and madrassas (schools for investigation of the Quran) are dissipated all through, numerous extravagantly beautified with tiles, cut stucco, and marble sections.

The medina’s engineering is perfect for the neighborhood atmosphere, with thin lines that are cool in summer and warm in winter. As space inside the medina’s unique dividers ran out, inhabitants assembled upwards, developing vaults and rooms over the avenues. (Vaults must be manufactured sufficiently high to suit a stacked camel.) This gives the focal paths an underground vibe, with …

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